March Ipsy Unbagging!

March Ipsy Unbagging!

Hello Beauties!  It’s time for this month’s Ipsy Unbagging!

Can we first just talk about this month’s bag??!  I love this idea of a bag that you can color!! I LOVE coloring and have since I was a wee little one.  I don’t really like that they only give you 2 colors, but I think it helped work my creative side a little, trying to figure out what to color with just the 2 colors provided.  I figured coloring their hair all different ways would be pretty neat, so I started doing that.  Then, I stopped after 3 and thought that looked even cooler than coloring everyones hair!  What do you think?

Moving on… Here’s what I got this month!

City Color Cosmetics – Glow Duo – Buy it here!


This is going to be something I giveaway, it’s pretty, just not amazing.  I already have a TON of highlighters and 1) the cream color is almost non existent and 2) the powder color is too dark for my complexion.

Tarte – Sex Kitten Eyeliner

As much as I love Tarte, I don’t use black pencil liners at all.  I might try it out to see how well it stays because I could use it for tightlining if not anything else.

Doucce – Freematic Eyeshadow – Lola


This is a beautiful duo-chrome eyeshadow.  I don’t know if you can tell from my swatch, but it is a pinky-orange color.  I really like it!  Anything duo-chrome = LOVE!

Meg Cosmetics – PM Masks

I love masks and I usually do them at nighttime, so this is a win win for me!

SLMISSGLAM – Blusher Brush

I love that Ipsy almost always puts brushes in their bags!  Can’t go wrong with too many brushes!

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Color Street Nail Polish Strips

Color Street Nail Polish Strips

So… I got an Instagram!

So… I got an Instagram!